Voices 2020 • Movie

Sinopsis: Voices is a movie starring Ashley Bell, Jordan Ladd, and Leslie Easterbrook. Don’t believe everything you hear.

Bound by Law (2020) • Movie

Sinopsis: Bound by Law is a TV movie starring Gracie Gillam, Ruthie Austin, and Heather Cazes. To escape her abusive husband, Melissa hides with her son in the family chalet that has been uninhabited for years. But then one day in the park,…

Princess Bride (2020) • TVSeries

Sinopsis: Princess Bride is a TV series starring Rob Reiner, Diego Luna, and Jack Black. Serialized remake of ‘The Princess Bride’ told in short chapters featuring celebrities at home during quarantine.

Torn Dark Bullets (2020) • Movie

Sinopsis: Torn is a movie starring Sam Vincent, Dexter Bell, and William ‘Big Sleeps’ Stewart. A raw and unapologetic look into a police shooting, racism, and the connections they share. Without stating that we know the answers, but not being…

Dark October (2020) • Movie

Sinopsis: Dark October is a movie starring Johnathan Barnett, Brittany Booth, and Beth Bowser. Four friends are heading to Salem for a Halloween rock concert event. An unexpected detour takes them down a dark path and the girls come face to…

Light from the Tower (2020) • Movie

Sinopsis: Light from the Tower is a movie starring Sarah Rosengarten, Julia St. Pierre, and Buckner Hinkle. A costumer designer is sent to the Catskills for an interactive theatre piece set in the 1920s. When she arrives things seem dark,…

Broken Law (2020) • Movie

Sinopsis: Broken Law is a movie starring Tristan Heanue, Graham Earley, and John Connors. Dave Connolly is a respected member of the Garda Síochána but his loyalty to the law gets tested by his ex-convict brother Joe who is in desperate need…

Home Before Dark (2020) • TVSeries

Sinopsis: Home Before Dark is a TV series starring Mila Morgan, Brooklynn Prince, and Kylie Rogers. A young girl from the big city uncovers clues to an unsolved cold case while visiting her father’s small lakeside town.

Confessional (2020) • Movie

Sinopsis: Confessional is a movie starring Lucas Adams, Paris Berelc, and Annalisa Cochrane. After two mysterious deaths at a college on the same night, seven students, somehow connected, receive invitations to a confessional booth hidden on…

Krabi, 2562 (2020) • Movie

Sinopsis: Krabi, 2562 is a movie starring Arak Amornsupasiri, Nuttawat Attasawat, and Oliver Laxe. The landscape and stories within the community of Krabi, Southern Thailand. It captures the town in this specific moment where the…

Inheritance (2020) • Movie

Sinopsis: Inheritance is a movie starring Lily Collins, Simon Pegg, and Connie Nielsen. A patriarch of a wealthy and powerful family suddenly passes away, leaving his wife and daughter with a shocking secret inheritance that threatens to…

Isi & Ossi (2020) • Movie

Sinopsis: Isi & Ossi is a movie starring Lisa Vicari, Darcy Rose Byrnes, and Dennis Mojen. To realize their culinary and boxing dreams, the daughter of a billionaire forms a mutually beneficial alliance with the son of a struggling single mom.

I Am Lisa (2020) • Movie

Sinopsis: I Am Lisa is a movie starring Kristen Vaganos, Jennifer Seward, and Manon Halliburton. A sadistic, small-town sheriff and her underlings brutalize Lisa and leave her for dead in the woods. Bitten by a werewolf and bestowed with…

I Am Woman (2020) • Movie

Sinopsis: I Am Woman is a movie starring Evan Peters, Tilda Cobham-Hervey, and Danielle Macdonald. The story of 1970s musician and activist Helen Reddy.

InstaFame (2020) • Movie

Sinopsis: InstaFame is a movie starring Laura Wiggins, Nicky Whelan, and Makenzie Vega. An unhinged social media super fan frames her best friend for murder.

I Am Patrick (2020) • Movie

Sinopsis: I Am Patrick: The Patron Saint of Ireland is a movie starring John Rhys-Davies, Moe Dunford, and Toni O’Rourke. I AM PATRICK peels back centuries of legend and myth to tell the true story of Saint Patrick. Through historical…

Infamous (2020) • Movie

Sinopsis: Southland is a movie starring Bella Thorne, Amber Riley, and Marisa Coughlan. Two young lovers rob their way across the southland, posting their exploits to social media, and gaining fame and followers as a result.